Maintenance Manager (MI01)

Main tasks
1.    Prepare & execute all corrective & preventive maintenance plans.
2.    Maintaining all the machines & equipment are operating through following up the maintenance processes & activities and ensuring the availability of spare parts in warehouse.
3.    Minimize downtime for emergency's breakdowns.
4.    Ensures that all machines & equipment are operating efficiently from mechanical & electrical perspective.
5.    Analyze the breakdowns for all machines, equipment, control panels & dashboards and prepares the proper programs to avoid their occurrence  in future.
6.    Update regularly the historical database for each & every machine / equipment to help in formulating the optimal maintenance program to achieve better performance and longer lifetime.
7.    Receive and execute all maintenance requests & new developments requests for infrastructure at the plant, warehouse and headquarter.
8.    Organize the work between maintenance team members according to maintenance schedule.
9.    Ensure that the machine operator received the machine operating efficiently after maintenance.
10.    Prepare the reports about the technical problems facing maintenance team and suggest its solutions.
11.    Consulting the external maintenance offices and  agents on need.
12.    Working according to pre-planned budget and minimizing maintenance expenses as much as possible without affecting on machine's performance and product quality.
13.    Prepare machines operation's instructions according to manuals & catalogues and ensuring that operators follow it.
14.    Determine the required spare parts for machines & equipment and its stock quantities according to its lifetime and  operation schedules.
15.    Checking all purchased spare parts to make sure that it matches the required specifications before adding it to warehouse's stock level.

1- BSC of Mechanical or Electrical Engineering.
2- Minimum seven years of experience as maintenance engineer in the field of offset printing field.
3- Leadership & negotiation skills is a must.
4- Analytical thinking skills is a must.
5- Planning skills.

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