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What's NEW?
El Mohandess Press implemented new Electronic Verification System for Checking Quality of Products.
El Mohandess Press is the first printing house to work with SMI (supplier Managing Inventeory) in Egypt.
El Mohandess Press is releasing the new factory by end of Q1\2016.
El Mohandess Press
More than A print House
A job and more
Work. Realize your ambitions. And realize that work is more than a job for earning money . Here is the special offer for our associates. An opportunity to take what you do and make it mean more for you, for those around you and for the whole community.
What you get here is challenging, interesting work. You get the tools you need to do a great job and you get to have the best possible people on your side to help you do it. And at the same time as getting to find ways to do business better today than we did it yesterday and driving a great career, you also get to build a more enlightened business and drive sustainability.
Because it's never just about a single person, a single project or a single product. It's about how you can grab everything that's within your reach here and use it to pursue mutual, long-term gain. It's about having ideas. And ideals. Being prepared to risk failure because the promise of success means we'll all be a little better off. It's that mix of integrity and ambition that makes El Mohandess Press such a special place to work. And why working here is always about more than just a job.
1 - Maintenance Manager (MI01)
2 - Sales Manager (SA1)
           please send all CVs to but don't forget to write your job code in subject