Environmental Health and Safety


Stemming from our strong belief that our human resources are our most valuable asset, we takeour employees’ health and safety very seriously. We contract reputable and certified bodies to deliver safety workshops to our employees on an ongoing basis. In addition to receiving safety training that is relevant to their respective vocations and machine-handling, our staff is also fire-hazard and first-aid certified. All employees abide by the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points 2 (HACCP) and they are all covered by a private medical insurance provider. Employees are also transferred to and from work using our own fleet of buses and safe drivers.


We abide by all fire prevention principles in which our facilities are well equipped with fire detection warning systems and fire protection devices. There is a clear fire escape plan with visible emergency exit signs and there is an automatic fire extinguishing system installed. Our factory team runs fire drills on a frequent basis to help prepare employees respond quickly, calmly, and safely. Management and employees gather afterwards to evaluate the effectiveness of each drill.


We have devised a systematic approach to deal with raw materials and paper waste not just to comply with environmental regulations, but because we believe that a responsible business is one that constantly strives to improve its community and its surrounding environment. We carefully select our raw materials from global industry leaders in environmental best practices -all of our paper is FSC-certified- and we form partnerships with local recycling initiatives to dispose of our paper waste in a responsible manner.